Sunday, May 21, 2006

Moving Google Beyond Search

Google is more that search alone ...

"Bill Tracer, over at Hitwise, shares with us this lovely bit of information:

"Leveraging the custom category capability of Hitwise, I’ve created a category of the top 20 Google domains in order to understand the popularity of Google’s varied services. The table below details the percentage market share that each property accounts for in relation to all visits to the top 20 Google Domains.

Not unlike what Josh noticed when studying’s logs, Google displays a Long Tail distribution, something which occurs again and again when we study the frequency of web content. The first property, Google Search, far outruns the second property, Google Image Search, by a factor of eight. Coming in at half of Image Search is Google Mail. And the fourth property, Google News, is half of Mail, with Google Maps following right behind it. (When you combine the two “search” properties - Google Search and Google Image Search - they add up to more than 89% of all use.)

Unlike what Josh found, the sum of the tail for these properties does not exceed the head. Google’s Search is far more popular than all the other Google properties combined."   continued ...   (Via UIE Brain Sparks)

Google Top 20 - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Google Top 20


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