Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Patterns Behind the Yahoo! Home Page Beta

On the yahoo.com redesign...

"The yahoo.com home page team has been very busy over the last few months testing the new home page to create a richer experience for our users. There are many challenges to changing any home page. Just imagine the challenges with changing the most trafficked home page on the entire web!

One of the design principles I regularly discuss is to

Cross Page Boundaries Reluctantly

This principle captures the idea that every piece of logical content does not have to be on a different page. Instead when we design a content page, especially a home page, we should consider how we can expand the user’s virtual space. In many ways this is similar to creating a play. At any given time the view on the stage is only a small part of the action. The backstage, props, and other actors are all being prepared for the next scene. A home page can provide ways to allow a user to take a “sneak peek” at additional content and essentially “open up” the page space.

This is just what the new Yahoo! home page has done.
Personal Assistant

One of the really nice additions is the Personal Assistant. It gives a quick glance at what is happening in your personal space. All of the content that appears when you rollover the different areas is pulled in via an Ajax lookup. It also does a nice job of exposing and hiding content during exploration.

So here are some of the benefits of Ajax-ifying the home page.

Live Information

Since each rollover is actually an Ajax lookup, you get the latest content. Rolling over Mail, will give you your last 5 messages."   continued ...   (Via Yahoo UIBlog)

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