Thursday, June 22, 2006

Breakfast With Forrester

A good summary of ROI of website design ...

"I'm doing a little bit of moblogging this morning at Forrester's breakfast series titled "The ROI Of Web Redesigns Made Simple". Here are some high level take-aways hot off the press: (Note, as with everything on L+E, this is my personal perspective)

Moira G. Dorsey, Senior Analyst.

Slide: Its hard not to get a return on investment with a competent website re-design.

“Companies don't think enough about designing for their users.”

Some quick first impressions of the event. Forrester knows what they are talking about in this area, they interview scores of professionals and companies to gather data and they use metrics, charts and graphs to make the case for the value of human-centered design as it applies to the business world.

... Moira is talking about Design Personas now and there is a simple visual which represents three re-design options/approaches.

1. Rip out and replace entire site.
2. Roll through site one section at a time.
3. Optimize individual applications and pages.

That's a fairly pragmatic way to Summarize a variety of approaches. Each of these seems well suited for large, complex websites. And interestingly enough, I did a presentation last year with similar points illustrated with a “home improvement” theme. You can download that deck here: Re-decorating, Renovating, and Re-building Web Sites."   continued ...   (Via Logic+Emotion)


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