Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dashboards for the Passengers

Using an automobile as a workspace ...

"Drivers have dashboards. But what about the passengers, both in the front and rear seats? Why shouldn’t they too have dashboards?

The thought arose late in the evening while my fearless editor, Ryan Borroff, and I were sampling exotic Chinese food at a Japanese-named restaurant in the heart of Soho, London. After all, we surmised, rear-seat passengers increasingly wants to control their temperature, the music they are listening to, the video game, show, or movie they are interacting with. Why not dashboards?

I was in a friend’s car recently as he drove me across town. I watched as he took his Treo cellphone/PDA out of his pocket and plugged it in to the suction cup holder affixed to the front windshield which transformed the Treo into a navigation system, compete with satellite antennas. I noticed a row of wires from the unit going down to floor level, where it plugged into a strip of power sockets.

"Why so many sockets?" I asked."   continued ...   (Via


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