Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Definition of User Experience Revisited

On the user experience...

"Since last time I wrote on the various definitions of user experience, Bryce Glass, Mike Kuniavsky and Thomas Baekdal have made excellent points on the subject of providing a single, clear understandable definition of user experience.

Also, I attended Jesse James Garrett’s seminar (”defining the user experience” - my notes) last month, and got a better understanding of how Jesse’s original thoughts on user experience were defined.

Thomas Baekdal on The Battle Between Usability and User-Experience:

User-experience is not like usability - it is about feelings. The aim here is to create happiness. You want people to feel happy before, during and after they have used your product. To do that you need to take all kinds of things into consideration. Things like: Environment,Colors moods, Smell, Touch, […], Show-off effect, Usefulness, etc.
This is much much much harder to achieve. None of these things can be accurately analyzed. It is a touchy feeling kind of thing.

Why, for instance, does a Audi S6 give you a much better user-experience than a Ford Focus? I mean, in terms of usability they are pretty much the same.

UXP for the development team
Jesse’s conference was about “defining the user experience”. User experience, the way he defined it that day, was focused on how teams organize to provide web applications with high user experience."   continued ...   (Via justaddwater)

Layers of UX. - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Layers of UX


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