Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Customers Can Help You Develop Concepts via Comics

Ideas on getting customer feedback during the design process...

".. At the Usability Professionals Association annual meeting earlier this month, Mark Wehner from YAHOO! presented more best practices for using comic book panels in the design process. YAHOO! has begun to use comic-based storyboards in the user centered design process for selected products. As the centerpiece of a participatory design process with customers, YAHOO! uses storyboards in a comic book form, and walks users through the comic panels to research concepts and reveal user needs.

Here are some tips from Mark:

Walk through the comic with users and ask them to "tell your own story." Instead of showing them a finished design with design screens, start with a formative comic. Create a simple flow with characters and panels, print out the sheets on big paper, and assemble them in a suggested flow. Let users move things around, add notes, comment, tell you what they need at various steps.

Have user mark up aspects of the story with notes in different colors. Choose a different color for items that are:"   continued ...   (Via Sun-Usability, Design & Other Stuff)


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