Thursday, June 01, 2006

Latest issue of UPA's UX Magazine devoted to usability in Pacific Rim

Designing an interface for Chinese workers ...

"The latest issue of User Experience (UX) Magazine, published by the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA), is devoted to "usability around the Pacific Rim".

Zhengjie Liu writes about usability and user-centered design practice in China, Cindy Lu discusses the opportunities for the usability community there, and others describe the situation in Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. The magazine also includes features on designing an interface for Chinese migrant workers to fill the communication gap with their children at home, and how user expertise can make RFID technology welcome.

Unfortunately the peer-reviewed magazine (disclosure: my business partner Michele Visciola is on the editorial board) is not online. Printed copies are distributed to all UPA members (I am one of them), but the website only features summaries of the articles of the previous issue."   continued ...   (Via Putting people first)


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