Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lifestyles of the Link-Rich Home Pages

A look at link quantity...

"The Dove home page is like many home pages on the Internet. It contains a handful of links (23 to be exact), a couple of pulldown menus and some nicely designed graphics. It's certainly very pleasant to look at and matches the brand expectations Unilever has set up for the Dove product line.

Yet, does it work for the users? If the user is coming to get a new tote bag, wants a free deodorant sample, or is interested in seeing this month's special offers, then it probably works well. Those links are the Featured Content and, chances are, only a small number of people visiting the site are coming specifically to see them. In fact, our studies show, on most sites, users come less than 5% of the time for featured content, even when heavy marketing campaigns are promoting that content.

The Dove site has hundreds of pages of content, describing the very wide selection of offerings in their product line and many potentially valuable resources for Dove's customers. However, most of this content is invisible on the home page. Users can't tell, when arriving on the site, if there are 20 pages or thousands."   continued ...   (Via UIE)


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