Thursday, June 01, 2006

Media: Pervasive Papers for Mobile User Interfaces go Live

A good set of papers for mobile UI ...

"Papers for the workshop on "Mobile Devices as Pervasive User Interfaces and Interaction Devices" have been made available through the workshop website. Read and wonder at work from some of the leading departments on interfaces for ubiquitous computing:

"Supporting Service Interaction in the Real World" by Gregor Broll, Sven Siorpaes, Enrico Rukzio (University of Munich, Germany); Massimo Paolucci, John Hamard, Matthias Wagner (NTT DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany); Albrecht Schmidt (University of Munich, Germany).

"Suggestions for Visualizing Physical Hyperlinks" by Pasi Välkkynen, Timo Tuomisto and Ilkka Korhonen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

"Evaluating the Privacy of Using Mobile Devices to Interact In Public Places" by Trevor Pering (Intel Research, USA)

"Secure Real World Interaction Using Mobile Devices" by William R. Claycomb and Dongwan Shin (New Mexico Tech, USA)

"Mobile Devices in Crossmodal Interfaces" by
Han Cao, Patrick Olivier, Daniel Jackson, Andrew Armstrong (University of Newcastle, UK)"   continued ...   (Via Usability News)


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