Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Press and wait

On user friendly design (or lack thereof)...

"Although I fully understand the reasons why, it bothers me that every button I now press needs to be held down for four seconds (or so it seems). All my audio and video equipment, and elements of my car, seem to require an inordinately loooong depression of keys and buttons in order to function correctly.

For those new to this world, four seconds may not seem strange but I can remember when pressing a button resulted in instant action. But, then again, during my life it is also been possible to lapse into double clicking elevator buttons too!

This four seconds thing is just a single manifestation of a wider problem. I now very often find the position, action and viewing angle of screens, displays and characters, plus tactile feedback of keys and buttons, less than satisfactory. This is especially the case in elevators, trains, cabs, kiosks, ATMs, telephone handsets, PDAs, laptops and PCs. In addition, the brightness and contrast ratios give me problems when trying to read even relatively large characters."   continued ...   (Via Peter Cochrane)


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