Monday, June 19, 2006

Self-Checkout? Just You Wait

On customer perception of the self-checkout...

"Pressure? You don't know pressure until you're in the self-checkout line at the grocery store and your cauliflower doesn't scan and freezes the computer and there's a line of shoppers shifting from foot to foot, heaving deep sighs and giving you the evil eye because, obviously, you are keeping them from attending to a matter of life and death, such as catching the "Sopranos" episode they forgot to TiVo.

That's why it is surprising to learn that many shoppers use self-checkout devices because they believe it will allow them to avoid delays and human interaction.

Au contraire . It has been my experience that there is no better way to interface with the grumpiest of the human race than to choose a self-checkout machine over a cashier with a heartbeat."   continued ...   (Via Washington Post)


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