Friday, June 30, 2006

Tips for Design Reviews

A good set of design review tips ...

"To follow-up on one of the recurring discussions at this year’s Art of Yahoo! conference, I’ve compiled several of my thoughts on effective design reviews with product stakeholders (clients, business units, etc.).

Chris Conley (professor at the Institute of Design) recently pointed out that the design critique training designers get in school better prepares them for the open discussions and feedback they will encounter in the business world. He rightly notes that the key is to “learn to listen to make your ideas better, not learn to defend your ideas.” But there’s still a need to “sell” stakeholders on the thinking behind a specific design solution. How does this design address business goals and user needs they care about?

In my experience, the following three tips have helped me make the pitch.

* Frame the solution within an appropriate context.
What problem are you trying to solve; what goals you are trying to achieve; what are the limitations you needed to accommodate? Outlining these items up front helps establish criteria for evaluating the design."   continued ...   (Via Functioning Form)


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