Thursday, June 22, 2006

UI Amazingness

An interesting new UI concept for Windows ...

"I ran across the BumpTop project today. Jaw-dropping implementation of “physical objects” desktop. There’s a nice video showing off all of the different ways you can interact, go watch now. It bears a lot of similarity to MacSlow’s LowFat desktop interface in concept, however it appears to be further along in development; very polished and functional. I wonder how long this has been in development? Clearly this was somebody’s baby for a while, I can feel the love applied to smoothness of interaction.


- Pen selection and interaction is very smooth. All of the motions feel very natural. Lasso a group of objects then cross the centerpoint of the lasso, and all of the objects clump together into a neat pile.
- Radial menus when you complete a circle with the lasso
- Radial menus when you draw a “curly-q” tail on your lasso (hard to explain, see the video)
- About 5-6 usefully different ways to temporarily view the contents of a pile: explode to a neat grid, MacOS-Dock-Like “zooming,” flipping sideways like a stack of CD’s, progressively “smooshing aside” top layers of a stack, --revealing lower items one by one.
- freeform “dog-ears” on documents/windows

I know that not everybody is a fan of XGL, but this gives me the same feeling I had when I first moved something around with XGL: realness. I am moving a thing. It obeys similar laws of the things I have been interacting with since I can remember interaction. This stuff is seriously cool."   continued ...   (Via

BumpTop Interface - User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

BumpTop Interface


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