Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Vision Statement Trap

As I mentioned yesterday, having your team share a solid experience vision is a key element to successful experience design. However, an experience vision is not the same as a “vision statement.”

Recently, I was coaching a client through the process of establishing a experience design process for their organization. We got on the subject about their vision for their product, a suite of tools for application developers. The lead developer piped in and announced they had just written a vision statement for a recent customer presentation. He promptly opened up a PowerPoint presentation with a slide that read something like this:

“[the Product] will make it easy
to design and build applications
that use competitive [proprietary framework],
conform to best practices,
and are built in a highly productive manner.”

My first thought was, "This doesn’t say anything!" How is this different from what any competitor would have? Is there a competitor who wouldn’t want to “make it easy,” would advocate not using “best practices,” or consider promoting how their product prevents developers from working in “a highly productive manner?”"   continued ...   (Via UIE Brain Sparks)


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