Friday, July 28, 2006

The 96,000 New PowerPoint Slide Designs

Flexibility of PowerPoint designs...

"It's the age-old question of presenters everywhere: "Which PowerPoint slide design should I use?"

I know the feeling so well of booting PowerPoint and looking through the same old 15 tired slide designs that everyone uses, knowing full well that I would only consider using three of them.

So when the PowerPoint team set off to create a new graphics engine for Office 2007 along with new features for varying the theme, color scheme, font scheme, and special effects scheme across all of the main Office apps, I was personally elated. Finally, I thought, light at the end of the slide design tunnel!

One of the key concepts to understand about this new world is that each of the slide designs (now called "themes" in Office 2007) is way, way more than just a static design. Each theme is actually an extremely elaborate design that can be totally transformed by applying a different color scheme, font scheme, effects scheme, and background style. What looks on the surface to be a very flashy style can be made very corporate-looking is just a few clicks. On the other hand, more subdued themes can be punched up in the same way."   (Continued via Jensen Harris)       [Usability Resources]

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