Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brand Experience in User Experience Design

Branding and usability...

"Much has been written in the past decade about the importance of usability and the user experience to customers’ perception of an organization’s brand. Jared Spool’s 1996 article “Branding and Usability” correctly identifies the importance of Web site usability to brand experience and provides evidence that a positive user experience has a direct correlation to positive brand perception. More recently, authors such as Dirk Knemeyer have expanded on this theme:
recognizing that both online and offline customer experiences contribute to brand image
highlighting the importance of consistency between the customer experience across all touch-points
working from the premise that an organization engages in a broad, complex set of interactions with its customers, of which the brand experience portrayed through its Web sites is only one
acknowledging the fact that brand is inherently something we can only influence, not control
Defining Brand Concepts

Here are Dirk Knemeyer’s definitions of brand and brand experience, as they resonate strongly with the philosophical framework of my work.

“Brand represents the intellectual and emotional associations that people make with a company, product, or person. That is to say, brand is something that actually lies inside each of us.”   (Continued via UXMatters)       [Usability Resources]


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