Sunday, July 02, 2006

Design Comes in Threes

Viewing design in sets of three ...

Though the word design gets used to describe lots of things (visual stylings, system architectures, interactivity, etc.), I’ve always considered it to be three things:

1. A profession
2. A problem-solving methodology
3. Communication

In particular, a lot of recent articles on Functioning Form have focused on the third point –design is communication- especially as it relates to the strategic value of design.

1. It’s Simple. Design Communicates.
2. Iterative Holistic Communication
3. Defining the Problem

So naturally I found it interesting that when was asked to define design in one sentence each of the panelists in Good Design vs. Great Design emphasized communication:

1. Cameron Moll: Design is about communication but cannot exist without a medium of some sort.
2. Veerle Pieters: Design is away of communicating emotions. It expresses feelings so its design.
3. Jon Hicks: Debate how ugly design or no design wins it misses the point that design is about communication."   continued ...   (Via Functioning Form)


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