Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Digital Challenge Finalists design to make a Difference

Making a difference with design
"Finalists for the digital challenge of creating a world class example of a "wired up community" include a job matching service in Norfolk and an online health monitoring service in Bristol.

All the bids were asked by the UK Government how they could use new and evolving technology to make a real difference in their communities. They will now share £1.2M worth of government funding.

Examples described as 'stand-out' for their potential to make a difference were:

Norfolk’s job matching service which enables those seeking work to register their details and when a job comes up matching their skills a text alert is instantly sent to their mobile.

In Bristol a remote health service which could monitor patients vital signs or allow them to self diagnose to complement support from district nurses to give them greater independence and reassurance.

Children in Ealing could benefit from a personal payment card facility which will monitor their eating habits including their nutritional intake and promote healthy eating."   continued ...   (Via Usability News)


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