Monday, July 24, 2006

Everything Bad is Good For You

The benefits of our technology on decision making...

"Recent travels have taken me through Steven Johnson’s latest book Everything Bad is Good for You. I’m a big fan of Johnson’s previous work, Interface Culture, and used to kick-off the graduate and undergraduate Interface Design courses I taught with the first chapter (PDF) and following quote from the book.
“The most dynamic and innovative region of the modern world reveals itself to us only through the anonymous middlemen of interface design.”

Though Everything Bad is Good for You does not continue Johnson’s discourse about the impact of interface design on culture, it does echo some related themes previously discussed on Functioning Form.

Johnson’s primary point is that popular media such as video games and television have positive cognitive benefits rarely discussed due to society’s focus on the negative impact of the content therein (violence, sex, etc.). He argues that the mental agility required to enjoy many of today’s popular shows, games, and more may be directly responsible for the overall increasing intelligence of our society."   (Continued via LukeW)       [Usability Resources]


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