Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For Some Netflix Users, Red Envelopes Gather Dust

Too much choice can be as harmful as too little...

"Having grown up in a religious family that seldom went to movies, David Morrison didn't see a film in the theater until his early 20s. So when the Greensboro, N.C., resident heard about the DVD-by-mail rental service Netflix, he figured he could use it to watch great films he may have missed.

When he first joined, he packed his Netflix queue -- a member's running list of rental requests -- with diverse films. He watched Robert Flaherty's 1922 documentary "Nanook of the North," which follows an Inuit man's struggle to survive in the Arctic; Roman Polanski's 1974 detective film, "Chinatown"; and Sofia Coppola's 2000 teenage suicide drama "The Virgin Suicides."

But soon, his excitement over the arrival of the bright red Netflix envelopes began to ebb. And the DVDs began to collect, unwatched, on his coffee table. "They were just coming to my house, sitting around and I was sending them back," said Mr. Morrison, 37, who cancelled his subscription after a few months."   continued ...   (Via Wall Street Journal)


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