Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google and Yahoo Design Throwdown

Differences in design...

"Does anybody feel a tension between the Google and Yahoo design teams? No? Well, you should, at least according to this New York Times piece by Saul Hansell: In the Race With Google, It’s Consistency vs. ‘Wow’.

Hansell describes the situation like this: Yahoo is consistent, turning out useful and solid designs like Yahoo Maps and Mail while Google goes for the WOW factor, turning out semi-finished designs in an attempt to impress people enough to lure them to their platform only to buff on a shine later on.

On the whole, this characterization seems reasonable. Yahoo does seem to put more work up front into their designs, while Google seems to experiment more. I, personally, find the experiments fascinating. Hansell characterizes the situation as a defining point in the “battle” to come:"   (Continued via Bokardo)       [Usability Resources]


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