Friday, July 07, 2006

Guiding Principles for Providing "Remember Me" Personalization

The what and how of "Remember Me" website personalization ...

"As we set out to enhance personalization on, we realized we needed guidelines to inform our thinking and shape our decisions, particularly decisions related to customer privacy. Our earlier user research revealed the need for greater personalization and helped us understand customer attitudes towards privacy. From there, we sought to build customer trust and loyalty by addressing concerns about privacy and security in every aspect of the user experience. In creating the Guiding Principles outlined here, we conducted a thorough analysis of eight major websites and then merged the findings with what we already knew. These principles apply specifically to "remember me" personalization.

What is “remember me” personalization?

In its simplest form, “remember me” personalization is the capability of some websites to “remember,” or pre-fill, your username when you return to the site so you don’t have to enter it every time. Usually there is a checkbox where you sign in that says something like “Remember me” or “Save my password.” Some sites, such as Amazon, provide “remember me” personalization automatically. In fact, Amazon serves as an example of incredibly sophisticated and robust “remember me” personalization because the site seems to remember everything about you, such as what you bought, what you viewed, and what you left in your shopping cart."   continued ...   (Via Boxes and Arrows)


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