Friday, July 21, 2006

Usability through fun

Fun does not (necessarily) mean silly or goofy, it can be useful...

"I've heard myself say that things can be both usable AND fun, but what if things might be more usable because they're fun? What if we started including fun in our specs? And I'm not talking about games. Can a spreadsheet be fun? A word processor? A can opener? A city government report? A church service? A technical document? A camera?

Before you start rolling your eyes, let me remind us all that FUN is not the same as FUNNY. Hugh's cartoons are funny. Chess is not. But most people who play chess still consider it fun. They enjoy it.

People are often turned off by the idea of adding "fun" to an otherwise serious product simply because they think it means "humour" or "silly." But while things which are "amusing" are often fun, things which are fun aren't necessarily amusing. The key phrase to link with fun is enjoy doing it. So, the kind of fun I'm talking about here includes both the chess kind (i.e. cognitive seduction) and the joke/cartoon kind."   (Continued via Creating Passionate Users)       [Usability Resources]

Fun can still be useful- User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Fun can still be useful


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