Monday, July 31, 2006

Useful, Usable and Used - your new look Council Website

Government usability...

"Question: where do you go to find 225 local government officials, all talking about usability?

Answer: the recent Headstar/Socitm event Building the perfect council web site.

SO WHAT’S HEADSTAR/SOCITM? Headstar is a pioneering e-publisher. If you’re into e-government then think about signing up for their free weekly newsletter – and they also recently started a similar one for accessibility.

Socitm is the Society of Information Technology Management. But it’s really the professional association for senior people working in ICT in local government. For many years now they have published the "Better Connected" review. This looks at every UK local government website and assesses them against each other and against a set of independent criteria. It’s tough to be at the top of their list, and each year they make it harder to get their best ratings.

For example, if your local government website merely threw out a bunch of brochure-ware, then Better Connected would award the lowest rating: “Promotional”.

To earn the next rating, “Content”, you have to provide useful stuff. And to get to “Content+”, you have to organise it in a way people can find it.

The highest accolade, “Transactional”, means that you can actually do things – and find content where you need it."   (Continued via Usability News)       [Usability Resources]


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