Sunday, July 23, 2006

Washer to PC: 'Laundry's Done'

Getting HCI into the real-world ...

"The technology behind cleaning clothes has spun through more than a few cycles over the last century, from clunky hand-cranked machines to today's gleaming appliances that can detect a load's size and even how much grime is ground into the fabric.

Soon, those who delight in living the clean life could be awash in an even newer twist.

Washers and dryers that link wirelessly to internet-connected home networks are being tested by consumers who are receiving updates on their dirty laundry by cell phone, computer and TV set.

Messages not only indicate when a wash is complete but also can warn that a lint filter is clogged or a load is too large. Users can remotely command the machines to fluff dry clothes or start a load from a distance after being told -- oops -- they forgot to start the wash."   (Continued via Wired News)       [Usability Resources]


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