Friday, August 18, 2006

10 Cool Things About The New Yahoo! Photos

Usability built into Yahoo! Photos...

"The New Yahoo! Photos has a lot of cool features not commonly found on the web. Drag and drop and inline editing makes getting things done with your photos fast and easy, and it just feels more like a rich application.

To make the new stuff work, we had to make browsers jump through some hoops. This post is the first of a few that will explore some of the big ideas behind the scenes.

(Meanwhile, we hope you’ll take it for a spin to see for yourself.)
1. Drag And Drop/Selection Model

With this new version of Yahoo! Photos, the old way of selecting photos using checkboxes is as out of style as using tables for layout! Let’s say you were viewing album A, and wanted to copy some photos from there to album B. Like on a desktop, you must first make a selection."   (Continued via Yahoo! Interface Blog)   [Usability Resources]

Drag and drop- Usability, User Interface Design

Drag & drop


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