Thursday, August 10, 2006

Clickstream Study Reveals Dynamic Web - fast web navigation in browser study heatmaps

Analysis of a clickstream...

"A recent clickstream study revealed new information about how we use and peruse the Web. University of Hamburg researchers found that the Web is moving from a static hypertext information system to dynamic interactive services with rapid interactivity between man and machine. The authors recommend that web developers create concise, fast loading web pages to keep pace with the speed of web navigation.

The Hamburg researchers also found an F-shaped pattern of clicking activity similar to results found in eye tracking studies (see Figure 1). There appears to be a strong link between our eye and hand movements over the surface of web pages.

In the largest web browsing study to date, Harald Weinreich and colleagues analyzed over 135,000 page visits by 25 experienced volunteers over a mean period of 105 days (Weinreich et al. 2006). Using instrumented browsers to "record the interaction with all user interface widgets" the researchers tracked actual user behavior over a long period while honoring privacy concerns. The clickstream and navigation logs were merged, filtered, and analyzed to glean insights into how we interact with the Web."   (Continued via WebSiteOptimization)               [Usability Resources]

Nav bars are visible in the heatmap- User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Ergonomics

Nav bars are visible in the heatmap


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