Monday, August 28, 2006

Design, Technology and Their Roles in Social Changes

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"Nico Macdonald is a London-based writer, consultant and event programmer, focused on design, technology and innovation. He is author of “What is Web Design?” (RotoVision, 2003) and has contributed to a number of other design titles. He writes for various publications including Blueprint, ACM interactions, the Guardian newspaper, BBC News Online, Creative Review, and Eye magazine.

Nico has programmed the AIGA Experience Design events in London for five years and has been involved in creating and hosting panels at many ACM SIGCHI conferences. Nico is on the advisory board of uiGarden.

As part of the uiGarden editing team, Christina Li interviewd Nico Macdonald on aspects of design, technology and society. Nico offered his insights from his own experience of working in political compaign and design consultancies.

Christina Li

Nico Macdonald

As a law student in the university, what gave you an interest in design and ending up with a devotion to communication, facilitation, research and consultancy around design and technology?

Well, the truth is, not very much. I had been interested in law because I was interested in the social aspects of the legal process, and being able to make differences to people’s lives. In reality, I discovered law was quite restricting in the scope it offered. So I ended up after my first year going to work in the United States in Washington DC for a small company publishing newsletters. They had just purchased an Apple Macintosh, which was then about a year old, and one of my jobs was to learn how to create and publish newsletters. I had an interest in design in general, and publication design in particular, and as a result, I decided to change career and get involved in what was then call desktop publishing. My interests in the social side of design is a legacy of the reason I was interested in law – being interested in how to improve peoples lives and make a difference – and I ended up being involved that through design and technology rather than law."   (Continued via uiGarden)   [Usability Resources]


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