Thursday, August 03, 2006

Getting Mobile

Mobile considerations...

"Long promised and way overdue, mobile technology is finally moving beyond telephone calls to become a fundamental of our technology-infused lives. In fact, mobile could very well transform how we gather and use information.

But beyond the hype rumors and billions of investment dollars in the mobile industry lies a simple concept: mobile devices, which first connected us with people, can now connect us with information anytime or anywhere.

With mobile devices outnumbering personal computers three-to-one and mobile networks approaching broadband speeds, it is inevitable that we will see the Web and mobile converge. But what will this paradigm shift look like, and what does it mean to us as Web designers and developers?

Mobile is a difficult arena to enter. Unlike the Web where simple experimentation can often create results, mobile requires us to understand its present politics, patience of legacy, diverse systems and true people-centered thinking.

In this article I will help you understand mobile, including the basic landscape of the technology, the differences of various solutions as well as some samples uses and techniques.
"   (Continued via Digital Web)               [Usability Resources]


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