Tuesday, August 15, 2006

International Usability Evaluation: Issues and Strategies

Choosing methods for international design...

"In this SIG, practitioners will discuss challenges they faced in selecting and customizing methods for international usability design. Facilitators and then participants will contribute experiences, case studies, and helpful multicultural contacts.

The CHI conference provides SIGs to enable conference attendees who share similar interests to meet for 90 minutes of facilitated discussion.

Like many UX practitioners, I’m often involved in designing products that will be sold across the globe. Half of the challenge is acknowledging there is no one-size-fits-all set of design criteria. The other half is knowing the tradeoffs when choosing between usability methods for requirements gathering and evaluation. What many may find surprising is that our tried-and-true methods themselves can have limitations, depending on the context in which we apply them.

These limitations were the well-timed subject of the International Usability Evaluation Special Interest Group (SIG). This session was packed before it even began, as attendees scrambled to find a seat at one of the five or six large round tables. As a first-timer at CHI, and one of the last to find a seat, I experienced a bout of nervousness, wondering how much group participation this would really involve. My fears were quickly assuaged once I learned how the session would progress—with the first half allotted to presentations by the panelists; the second, to small group discussions at each table."   (Continued via UXMatters)   [Usability_Resources]


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