Monday, August 28, 2006

Reality Check

Clearing up some Office 2007 misconceptions...

"It was with a bit of surprise that I read a flurry of stories on Friday with breathless headlines like "Microsoft backs off the Ribbon in Office 2007!" and "Microsoft Cuts Office 2007 Ribbon!"

Part of working at a company like Microsoft is that people are interested in what we do. This means that even the smallest glint of something that looks like an "announcement" can sometimes turn into a major source of news stories in the computer world. (Especially if it gets linked on Slashdot.)

Unfortunately, in this case, there was no actual announcement of substantive changes to the Office 2007 user interface—just someone from Microsoft's office in Australia ruminating in front of journalists about a few things I wrote on this blog a month or so ago.

The result: stories got published which kind of played up the scope of changes we've made to the Office 2007 user interface since Beta 2. Some of these stories, unfortunately, included inaccurate information.

What we had considered to be a relatively minor, if nice, improvement to the way Ribbon minimization works turned into rampant speculation on the 'net that we were somehow cutting the Ribbon entirely from Office 2007.

So today, I'm going try to clear up any misinformation that might still be out there."   (Continued via Jensen Harris)   [Usability Resources]


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