Monday, August 21, 2006

South Africa launches World Usability Day Competition

Seeking usability in South Africa...

"The South African World Usability Day Initiative in collaboration with the Computer Society of South Africa presents "The making life easy!" Usability Competition.

The organisers say that there are many designers in South Africa who use IT to produce usable programs and material. This year, the South African World Usability Day Initiative wishes to recognise the outstanding examples of quality and creativity amongst them.

'This prestigious awards competition strives for the highest degree of excellence in using IT to assist the broader South African population to make their life easy. In doing so, it hopes to raise the standards and quality of design industry-wide. Designs of nearly every type and size will have the opportunity to be recognised as entries will be categorised.

'One of the goals of World Usability Day (WUD) is to promote the usability of every day products which make our lives easy. Therefore, to add impact to winning organisations and the industry as a whole, WUD SA will send a press release to the media explaining the awards and the competition. Your organisation will be recognised for taking part in raising the level of usability awareness in the industry, while at the same time improving your community."   (Continued via Usability News)   [Usability Resources]


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