Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Strategy with Design

Design as a foundation and key strategy...

"From BusinessWeek to Davos, design is being heralded as an essential contribution to successful corporate strategy and innovation. But it wasn’t that long ago that many corporations only thought of design as a way to “make things pretty”. So what’s changed in the last several years that gave designers a seat at the boardroom table and why do we have technology and information overload to thank for it?
Too Much Data

There’s no doubt that we’re in the thick of the information age. Type a search term into Google and you’ve attached a fire hose of information to your brain. Even our news shows have increased the amount of simultaneous information they are providing by layering stock tickers, rotating headlines, upcoming previews and more on top of an actual newscast. In this world of ever increasing information access, businesses just like individuals are prone to information overload. And unfortunately, too much data can cloud strategic focus by diverting attention from the forest to the trees.

So where can decision-makers turn to make sense of the information soup they regularly find themselves swimming in? To people skilled in pattern recognition and visual communication -in other words to designers. As Tom Mulhern recently noted “design has gained in importance in direct proportion to information overload.” Businesses need people who can ingest a large amount of information and produce a meaningful prioritized narrative that clarifies relationships, illustrates implications, and proposes outcomes. In other words, they need designers."   (Continued via Ok/Cancel)   [Usability Resources]


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