Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Bull's-Eye: A Framework for Web Application User Interface Design Guidelines

Creating guidelines for website design ...

"We have laid out the challenges, as well as the framework and its multi-tiered approach, which is similar to other efforts to document UI patterns in web application flows and structures [e.g., 14, 15] A more detailed discussion of the structure and composition of the guidelines follows.

Component guidelines, the first level of guidelines, outline specific UI widgets that have multiple interaction possibilities and options, depending on the content or functionality required by an application. Components can be simple UI elements, i.e., buttons, standard Web widgets, instruction text. They can also be more complex UI elements, i.e., tab navigation structures, table configurations and behaviors, and tree components, similar to the notion of idioms [13]). Figure 3 provides examples of several components covered in the guidelines, including Branding, Action/Navigation Buttons, Global buttons, Tabs and Navigation, and Tables. There are currently over 37 component guidelines, ranging from simple to complex.

Examples of additional Components include Advertising, Locator Elements (e.g., Train, Breadcrumbs), Headers/Subheaders, Links, Content Containers, Hide/Show widgets, and a Page Footer."    (Continued via uiGarden)    [Usability Resources]

Guidelines Components - Usability, User Interface Design

Guidelines Components


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