Friday, September 29, 2006

Douglas Engelbart's HyperScope 1.0 Launched

New application using "Hyperscope" ...

"Neuberg has announced the release of HyperScope 1.0, a Web app based on tech legend Douglas Engelbart's 1968 NLS/Augment (oNLine System). Engelbart and team have been working on Hyperscope since March this year, in a project funded by the National Science Foundation. Its aim is to rebuild portions of Douglas Engelbart's NLS system on the web, using current Web technologies such as AJAX and DHTML.

The project team members are Doug Engelbart (visionary), Brad Neuberg (software architect and implementor), Jonathan Cheyer (who knows more about Augment than anyone else under 35), Christina Engelbart (the bridge between the old and the new) and Eugene Eric Kim (project liaison and collaboration guru).

Those familiar with their Web history will know that Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse and was a pioneer in the development of hypertext, networked computers and precursors to GUIs. Indeed NLS was the system demonstrated by Engelbart in his famous 1968 Mother of All Demos.

What is it?
HyperScope is described as "a high-performance thought processor that enables you to navigate, view, and link to documents in sophisticated ways." This is seen as the first (renewed) step towards Doug Engelbart's larger vision for an Open Hyperdocument System - only this time round it'll be based on Web technologies."    (Continued via Read/Write Web)    [Usability Resources]

Hyperscope - Usability, User Interface Design



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