Monday, September 18, 2006

Exclusive: first details of Office 2007 for Mac. All new UI.

New Mac UI for Office 12 will have some differences from windows ...

"Microsoft’s next-gen Office suite for the Mac is being given a top-to-toe refit in readiness for its debut in the third quarter of 2007.

On the surface is a revised interface which borrows ideas from the Office 2007 for Windows ‘ribbon’ and has already been radically changed due to user feedback. The new versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint will all adopt the native XML file formats of their Windows siblings.

And, the program is of course being rebuilt as an Intel-friendly Universal Binary application.

As is convention for the Office family, at this early stage the product is known only by its version number as ‘Office 12′. “That won’t be the name it goes to market with — we’ll have something brilliant, like the year it launches, as the name!” laughs Mary Starman, group product manager for Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU).

... “We will be doing a UI refresh” Starman confirms, “but it won’t be exactly like you see in Office 2007. It just wouldn’t make sense. Apple has got their own very specific set of user interface guidelines and we try to first and foremost to follow those guidelines. If we can innovate on top of that and do some interesting things to make sure that the interface is really discoverable for the Mac user, then we’ll look at doing that. We can get some ideas (from the ribbon) but it still has to fit within Apple’s UI guideline, that’s what a Mac user wants to see” Starman says."   (Continued via APC Magazine)    [Usability Resources]

Office 12 For Mac - Usability, User Interface Design

Office 12 For Mac


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