Monday, September 04, 2006

The Hilton Hotel Alarm Clock

Making an alarm clock usable ...

"Frequent travelers have come to detest (in other words, hate) the alarm clocks provided by most hotels. I just stayed at a fancy, expensiveFour Seasons Hotel and was driven to distraction by the idiotic Nakamichi alarm clock. Oh yes, it was very attractive. It even had a built-in CD player. Problem is, I could never figure it out, and I like to think I am pretty good at these things. Even though it had printed instructions, in my week at that hotel I never mastered the clock, not even once.

I don't want much from an alarm clock. I should be able to see both the actual time and the alarm time. I should be able to tell when the alarm has actually been set and is active. I should be able to tell whether the time of day is indicating AM or PM, and whether the alarm is set for AM and PM. And, above all, it should be easy to use.

Hurrah for Hilton Hotels. They listened to their guests. They designed a special alarm clock that truly works. It does everything I want, and more. It has several buttons on top — just push the appropriate one and a pre-tuned radio station plays the kind of station marked by the button (rock, classical, news, public broadcasting, ...). And it even has a plug for a music player, so it is easy to play an MP3 player or iPod."   (Continued via   [Usability Resources]

Hilton Alarm Clock - Usability, User Interface Design

Hilton Alarm Clock


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