Monday, September 18, 2006

How Adaptive Systems take to User-centred Design

A good set of papers now online ...

"The proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on "User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Adaptive Systems" which was held in Dublin, Ireland, in June 2006 is now available online.

The workshop theme was addressed by invited speaker Anthony Jameson of DFKI, who spoke on "How Is User-Centered Design for Adaptive Systems Different; and How Is It the Same?"

A section of this talk will give a flavour: 'Just about all of the usual methods for the user-centered design and evaluation of interactive systems are in principle applicable to systems that adapt to their users. ... In particular, it is argued that the designers of a user-adaptive system should be open-minded with regard to the possibility that the goals that they intend to achieve with user-adaptivity can better be achieved by other means.

Jameson looks at some special considerations that arise with user-adaptive systems (in addition to the goal of evaluating the accuracy of the system’s user modeling) such as: the possibility of using relevant human experts either as judges of the appropriateness of the system’s adaptation or as wizards within the Wizard-of-Oz paradigm; the difficulties involved in empirically comparing adaptive and nonadaptive variants of a given system; and the need to deal with the frequently large differences in users’ reactions to system adaptivity. He also considers why many research and design methods that are often used for other types of system deserve to be applied to a comparable extent to user-adaptive systems."   (Continued via Usability News)    [Usability Resources]


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