Friday, September 22, 2006

The Importance of User Experience- the Poster!

Displaying user experience principals in a poster ...

"Here's a poster that reflects some thoughts about user experience...all of the bottom row items (outcomes of positive user experiences) in the poster are based on empirical research. Let's review some of that research, a brief glimpse at the science behind what the poster is communicating...

About the poster project and translations into many languages below all these quotes (bottom of the post)...

Elements that contribute to a positive user experience: (the bottom row of the poster)

Loyalty > Trust > Perceived Credibility > Profitability > Intent to Return > Intent to Purchase > User Satisfaction > Word of Mouth

A few quotes that I think summarize the research nicely:

Perceived Credibility"    (Continued via Demystifying Usability)    [Usability Resources]

UX Poster - Usability, User Interface Design

UX Poster


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