Friday, September 08, 2006

Improving portal usability

User interface requirements for a portal ...

"In organizations worldwide, the enterprise portal has increasingly become the default interface for employees and business partners to interact digitally with each other. Many useful services – such as employee directories, management information, and document sharing – are readily available for access by portals and, as a result, enterprises are investing heavily in this young (and still immature) technology.

Unfortunately, the experience of using a portal often becomes excruciating for employees, owing to considerable usability shortcomings. Too often, enterprises wait until the end of a portal project to address key interface and process concerns, and even then, they rarely pay sufficient attention to usability considerations. It's time to put that right if portal investments are to truly pay off.

Reasonable user interface requirements
Before embarking on a portal project, most organizations commit serious time to gathering and documenting their requirements. This exercise typically involves creating lengthy documents covering everything from business plans to technical details, but these seldom include much about the intended portal interface."   (Continued via CMS Watch)   [Usability Resources]

Portal Interface - Usability, User Interface Design

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