Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A metaphor bites the dust

What works in one environment may not work in another ...

"The "Men of the Square Table" site has a rolling number dial that you have to click (each number) up or down to make a selection...

Here's another bad idea for a software interface...but first off I know this is a funny site, not exactly meant for conducting business, etc etc. It still gives us another opportunity to take a look at real world metaphors innappropriately carried over to software UIs. Besides... the clever/cuteness of this UI VERY quickly rubs off and our good friend "annoyance" saddles up to the bar in its place.

The real world device this is mimicking is pretty darn easy and quick to use with a single finger (in the real world). Just roll your finger over it. But we don't have that luxury with a mouse and keyboard- we have to click each number. It took me exactly three clicks before I stopped chuckling/marveling at the idea, and starting thinking "eh- this is dumb."   (Continued via User Centered)    [Usability Resources]

A Usability Mismatch - Usability, User Interface Design

A Usability Mismatch


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