Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Quantum Leap for Cell Phones

New cell phone interfaces - no buttons ...

"It's likely to evoke the children's song inquiring, "Where's the button?" On Aug. 21, designer Pilotfish and sensor maker Synaptics are releasing a prototype of a cell phone, and the funny thing is, it doesn't have any buttons.

Instead, the Onyx device understands signs and gestures, thanks to the sensitive touch pad covering most of its surface. It opens and closes applications when swiped by one or two fingers. The phone recognizes shapes and body parts. Lift Onyx to your cheek and it will pick up a call. "The goal of this concept was to show people a completely different way of designing and making a phone," says Mariel Vantatenhove, senior product line director at Synaptics (SYNA). "We think that the market is ready for some sort of change." A sea change is more like it.

The cell phone as we know it—mostly those snap-shut clamshell types or the flat, rectangular candy bar devices—are in for a major makeover. Or so it seems from the barrage of prototypes from individual designers, boutique firms, and even large technology companies in recent months."   (Continued via Business Week)   [Usability Resources]

Cell Phone Concepts - Usability, User Interface Design

Cell Phone Concepts


Anonymous Chris De La Rosa said...

Now if we could only get providers to work as hard on their service so when I travel from Canada to the US I will get uninterrupted service :) There's always a pause when we log on to other networks they affiliate with. Don't ever drive in the coutry areas in VA..lots of dead zones.

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