Monday, September 18, 2006

Reactions to new iPod, iTunes, Jobs, etc.

Looking at the new iPod, iTunes UI ...

"The new Nano packaging looks hot. Plus Apple can use just one package for the different colors. The see-through display shows the color via the product, not text on the box. Smart way to increase effiency and prevent inventory problems.

... But overall, the new iTMS is too blinged out. There are gradients and shadows everywhere. And custom scrollbars are ugh. (Jakob says: “With custom-designed scrollbars, you run a significant risk of creating usability problems.”)

... And there’s lots of wasted vertical space on the album pages now. They make you scroll so they can show reflections. Boo."   (Continued via Signal vs. Noise)    [Usability Resources]

iTMS User Interface - Usability, User Interface Design

iTMS User Interface


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