Thursday, September 28, 2006

Social Web Design - Are Social Web Apps Here to Stay?

The value and future of social Web applications ...

"In Why I Don’t Use Social Software, Ryan Carson of Vitamin magazine (where I published The MySpace Problem), asks some tough questions about the rise of social web apps. The biggest question is: Are social web apps here to stay?

Using his own tendency to shy away from them as evidence, Ryan wonders if the excitement of social networking apps is a bit over the top. He asks: “is the market already saturated with products that no-one yet uses?”. His reason for not using social networking apps is a good one: he doesn’t have time because he’s busy getting work done. But even if he were to use them there are still too many services out there competing for our limited attention. So how would we find out about them in the first place?

You Don’t Find Social Software, It Finds You
The answer, I think, is that we would rarely find them out by actively seeking them. Ryan is right, most folks outside the teenage demographic don’t have time to spend actively seeking out new social networking tools. Instead, if we did hear about it we would probably find out by someone else telling us or by somehow inviting us to participate. As I’ve heard it described, social software can be defined as software that is better when our friends are using it."    (Continued via Bokardo)    [Usability Resources]


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