Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Things of Beauty

Usability plus aesthetics ...

"One of our goals for the Office 2007 user interface was to make it easier to create beautiful output.

In many circumstances, you are judged by the quality of the output you create. And software that helps you create beautiful output makes you look smart and feel good.

Many of the features of the new UI, including the Ribbon, galleries, and Live Preview, were designed together to create an environment in which you can discover and easily use the power of Office's formatting capabilities. Add to this the new Office 2007 graphics engine, and suddenly in a few clicks, you can create beautiful-looking output without learning to be a Photoshop expert.

Every kind of object in Office 2007 (table, chart, picture, drawing, etc.) has an overall gallery on its first contextual tab which allows you to set the overall style for the object."   (Continued via Jensen Harris)   [Usability Resources]

Picture Style Gallery - Usability, User Interface Design

Picture Style Gallery


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