Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Understanding business and design through casino poker

Using poker as an analogy for design decisions ...

"... Business shares a lot in common with poker. The goal in both is to make as much money as possible—either over the long or short-term—to win. You are competing against other people with similar objectives, with a finite amount of potential returns available. In order to be successful, you must observe and understand people and situations, devise strategies based on those observations, and use skill to successfully execute the strategy and accomplish your objectives. In gambling, it's called play; in business it's called design.

... PART 1
PERSONAS: More Than Skin Deep

... The persona as a design tool is ubiquitous. But in my experience, personas tend to be applied in very shallow ways that do not necessarily get to the essence of the real problem—understanding our customers.

... Have your design professionals go along on some ethnographic research to see real customers for themselves. While they are there, invite them to ask a question or two, and take some pictures. Have them page through some direct customer response forms, or qualitative research results. That's how to create genuine empathy and understanding."   (Continued via Core77)   [Usability Resources]


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