Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weaving Usability and Cultures: Evolving, User Interface standards

Need for UI standards over lifecycle ...

"User Interface, one of the widely discussed subject these days after search engines. Every software development team either hires a UI specialist or consults an expert to design the next best killer application. As more and more users log onto the net, user base tends to grow and new technologies evolve, web developers and designers are left with very little time to cope up with new techniques in user interface. Thus a new wave of User Interface issues has occurred in the software development life cycle.

User Interface puzzle – Last winter I was puzzled with a situation wherein I was asked to determine the user guidelines and standards for the company that I was consulting, had to dig deep into the problem to find out which user interface best suited them. I guess as a developer, analyst or UI specialist one would commonly come across in one’s project life cycle, here is how I kept myself abreast with new technology and UI standards.

Analyze current market trends in Usability – The first step before you can start in order to determine the technique and standards to adapt, look around in the market for latest trends and here is what I found from Microsoft to Apple it was all about usability, every new application that is designed are “user centric” or “user friendly”.

Apple’s huge success of iPod could be determined as part of its user friendly mp3 music player, while rest of the competitors are still tweaking their units to gain market share.
Apple’s new OS (Operating system) Tiger, is another good example to understand users and developing the user interface with right technology which changed the new look and feel of the most awaited version of Microsoft, Longhorn."    (Continued via uiGarden)    [Usability Resources]

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