Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Are Microformats And Why They Make Your Information Easier To Find

Making websites more usable with microformats ...

"Microformats are changing the web, and how your computer goes about finding things you ask for online. By standardizing chunks of data - events, business cards, listings, even recipes, Microformats create a more structured internet.

The upshot of this well-tagged, structured web is that when you want to find something - be it a hotel close to Oxford Street, London or an eBay merchant with great customer feedback, Microformats lend your search engine or aggregator a helping hand.

Why Microformats?

Microformats are small and inobtrusive, hence the name, and play nicely with the existing code that holds the internet together. By adding little snippets of standardized information to blog posts, address book entries, or anything else published online they make finding and sorting that data a whole lot easier.

Suddenly, instead of google turning up hotels in 'Oxford Street', New Jersey or guitar amplifiers that crank out 'great feedback', the better informed semantic web cuts through to what you're really looking for. And it does that in part thanks to Microformats."    (Continued via Robin Good)    [Usability Resources]


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