Sunday, September 17, 2006

What term do you use for "user experience"?

We use a lot of different words to describe UX ...

"There’s a range of vocabulary that can be used to refer to user experience: ‘usability’, ‘interface’, ‘human centered design’, etc. What term we use seems to depend on what sells — within an organization, you use the terms that connect with the values and the understanding of the people you’re working with.

Adaptive Path recently conducted a survey of over 800 user experience professionals to create a base of quantitative insight into how organizations value and practice user experience. One of the simpler questions was, “If you use other terms [than ‘user experience’] that are similar in meaning or intent, which terms do you use?” Here’s the terms we heard, ordered by the number of times mentioned:

93 Usability
63 Consumer experience
28 User centered design
21 Customer experience
20 User interface
14 Interaction design
13 Information architecture
11 Design"   (Continued via adaptive path)    [Usability Resources]


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