Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why People persist with using Paper Forms

Reasons why paper forms are used ...

"This month, I've been mostly thinking about tax forms - and tax forms on paper. It's something that I do from time to time. Now, I do truly understand that not everyone likes thinking about tax forms, paper or otherwise - and in the UK, most people have their tax dealt with by their employers and don't have much to do with tax forms. But this is an international column and I've been having an international month. And there are some insights here that I think may apply to forms in general.

I have been doing a bit of digging into the statistics. In the USA, pretty much everyone has to do a tax return and by 28th April 2006, the IRS had received about 38M of them from people who don't use a paid preparer - only 21M electronically. That's about 55%. In Australia, pretty much everyone has to do a tax return and the most recent statistics I could find said that about 2.9M Australians do their own tax, about 1M electronically. That's about 34%. In both countries, electronic filing has been around for quite a while, isn't excessively difficult, and has the advantage for most people that they get a quicker refund.

And it led me to wondering: why do people persist with paper forms?

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